8 Sleep Mask Benefits: Black It All out Tonight for Blissfully Deep Slumber

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1: Improves your sleep quality

With sleep cycles and a deep sleep state becoming an even priority for most individuals who live busy and stressful lives, a quality sleep mask really can help those who have sleeping problems by helping to ensure deeper sleep. Studies have even shown how they can ensure better sleep for those with sleeping disorders as well.

A better sleep quality can correspond to your health and wellness and is a great way to gain some energy throughout the day. Therefore, those who use sleep masks will also benefit from a better quality of life.

2: Fall asleep quicker

Have you ever tried to count sheep to fall asleep? Nighttime light can make it much harder to drift off to sleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone that your body produces in the dark, which makes you feel sleepy and helps put you in the mood to go to bed. If your eyes are sensitive to light, the light can prevent the release of melatonin. This is why it’s a good idea to wear an eye mask while sleeping.

Sleep Eye Masks Block Out

Screens, Light, and Your Eyes.

If you work the night shift, or want to be able to nap during the day, an eye mask is even more important.

Some people know they’re sensitive to light, but might not realize how much it can negatively affect their sleep. If your sleep is interrupted by an unplanned wake-up or if you’re waking up without feeling rested, an eye mask may be the sleep aid you need.

3: Saves your life

Think about this for a moment.
You’re driving a fully loaded 18-wheel trailer at 60 mph down the highway, when BAM! It blinds you.

Two nearby drivers have called that you were out cold at the wheel, causing you to fly off the road, flip twice, and total your rig. Everything inside was swirling down the highway in flames.

What happens?


What if that truck could detect you were asleep and do whatever it takes to wake you up? Or what if that driver was sleeping and the truck could sense that and turn off? What if it could sense a problem and slow down?

With sleep technology, this scenario is not far away. It’s already happening at major airports.

Patent Pending is a company that makes wireless sensors that monitor your vitals, heart rate, breathing, and even your brainwaves. They can alert your caregivers, your family, and even yourself when your heart rate spikes or breathing shows signs that you aren’t conscious.

Imagine being able to take the information collected by these devices and give it to drivers so that they know they need to take a break?

Who would benefit from this? Anyone that has to drive a long distance without sleeping. This means truckers, pilots, and long-haul drivers.

4: Blocks out harmful light

The ultimate way to block out light, no matter how much or how little light is in your bedroom, is to use a blackout curtain or a sleep mask. You’ll want to make sure that your sleep curtain or sleep mask does not have any light or bright colors to it. These things can be very damaging to your sleep cycles, and can disrupt your melatonin production. The sleep masks also commonly block out any artificial light your alarm clock may emit.

Some sleep masks, also known as sleep masks and eye masks, are infused with aloe vera or other natural ingredients. These are great for those who have sensitive skin, or just want to make sure that they are not getting a reaction to the chemicals in sleep masks. Sleep masks are made in a variety of ways. Some have Velcro or zippers to help you take the mask off quickly. Some are made of reusable materials while others are disposable. Regardless of their make, they all have the same advantages and disadvantages throughout the board. For anyone who needs to stop light from seeping into their room, sleep masks are a must-have.

5: Reduces depression

If you want to prevent or cure depression, try wearing a sleep mask. Depressed people have a difficult time falling asleep. They complain about the inability to get comfortable and fall asleep. Wearing a sleep mask can help the people who are suffering from depression.

Depression destroys the immune system and reduces the feeling of joy. It affects the mind because its lack of rest and bad night’s sleep leave it tired and not ready for working.

A sleep mask reduces the light that enters into the body from the eyes. This very fact can improve the quality of sleep. The sleep masks that are black in color are preferred because these block out more light than the other colors.

If you wear a sleep mask and not only be able to help boost the immune system from depression but also improve your health and prevent it from getting worse. Researchers have found that people who experience the signs of depression are likely to get sick more often and may have difficulty with healing.

When a person sleeps, it is possible for him to get more relief from depression and experience less because of sleep deprivation.

6: Makes you more relaxed

Anxiety is a tough thing to beat. However, some experts recommend a routine of progressive relaxation to help with anxiety. You may have heard that the best way to achieve this is through meditation, but you can also reach your happy place by sitting or lying down in a very dark room. When the lights are off, it’s common for the mind to relax enough to start drifting away.

Many users say that if they lie on their back with a nice, thick sleep mask on, they can easily fall asleep without really trying. They’ve relaxed and are ready to go in no time.

7: Improves your skin

Have you ever heard of sleep masks being used to help promote better sleep by keeping out daylight while you sleep? The reason this works is that the body naturally regulates its release of melatonin depending on the light that it comes into contact with. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy, preparing you for a good night's rest.

Studies have now shown that LED light can be even better at resetting the body's natural sleep cycle than the sun. But some people may not be aware that LED bulbs are a danger to their health.

The reason?

It's most likely because humans have not built up a resistance to LEDs as they have with the sun. But while that is still a subject of debate, the lessening or removal of strange blues and whites in natural lighting from our beds can ensure that we get a great night's sleep.

Studies have shown that people who live by streets with a lot of nighttime lighting don’t sleep as well. While they’re not exactly sure why, many people have guessed it is probably because of the blue LEDs coming from street lamps that keep the body from feeling the difference between day and night.

The restful and healing qualities of a good night's sleep are well known around the world and increasingly important as people age.

8: Great for travel

A sleep mask is an essential item for anyone that travels frequently, especially by plane, train, bus, or car. Any mode of transportation that involves changing time zones can increase the difficulty of sleep. The cabin, bus, train, or airport awaiting you after a long flight can be a place of bright lights, loud announcements, and unfamiliar noises. During a long trip, you may be in bed earlier than you are accustomed, or later.

Sleeping in a different room than you’re used to sleeping in or without any natural light can leave you feeling confused and disoriented when you do sleep. All of these factors combined can make it more difficult to stop your mind from racing or start the sleep process.

Using a sleep mask can help. It will shield you from the light and noises around you, and help you get the sleep you need. Using a sleep mask will also allow you to set your own sleep schedule wherever you are and help you return to your natural sleep rhythms after traveling.