12 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked: Ditch Your Bedclothes (Tonight)

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1: Better sleep quality

According to the sleep experts at the National Sleep Foundation:

Ϣ Sleeping in the buff causes your body to be more comfortable, leading to higher levels of melatonin, which helps settle you to sleep quicker and spend more time in a deeper sleep.

Ϣ Melatonin also has a number of health benefits. It may protect your skin from UV rays, it may help repair the body’s damaged DNA and it can even help boost your immune system.

Ϣ Less clothing and bedding around your body means that you have a greater opportunity to stay cooler.

A study conducted in the 1920’s showed that sleeping in the buff is actually healthier than wearing nightclothes. And even though the study is over 80 years old, the fabric technology and the way we manufacture bedding today is very similar to the way it was then. So, with this in mind, it’s important to make sure that your tog (gauze) count isn’t too thick for the season. Also, keep in mind that it’s always better to keep the AC in your home down while you’re getting ready for bed.

2: Fall asleep faster

Some people have trouble falling asleep because they feel hot and trapped under the covers. Comforters and heavy blankets can create an added layer of body heat, which will only make it harder for you to fall asleep. If you’re one of these people, it may benefit you to try sleeping without the extra insulation.

An added benefit is that if you do wake in the middle of the night, it’s easier to go to the bathroom or drink some water. This is a benefit that often goes unnoticed, but it’s definitely one of the advantages of sleeping naked.

Keeping the comforter off your body also gives you the option to increase or decrease your body heat depending on the temperature in the room. If the room is too cold, simply pull up the covers a bit, and if it’s too hot, you can keep them off completely.

3: Prevents diseases

According to UK research, sleeping in nothing but a good mood may prevent a number of diseases. Scientists at Flinders University in Australia found that men who slept in boxers had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and less abdominal fat than men who slept with pajamas or underwear.

The study’s results seem to confirm the old adage that “Men should sleep naked because other men don’t” because, for women, sleeping in their underwear was linked to higher levels of stress and higher levels of testosterone, which is linked to higher levels of libido.

The results of this research indicate that pajamas and underwear might affect your health in ways you’ve probably never considered.

For women, sleeping in their underwear wasn’t just linked to higher levels of sexual desire and higher levels of testosterone in the body. In fact, it was linked to less of the feel-good hormone serotonin, which means that women who slept in their underwear had a higher stress level, less motivation, and were in a worse mood than those who slept naked.

4: Boosts your career

There are some interesting studies on how nudity boosts creativity. But of course the main benefit of sleeping naked is that it’s healthier. Here’s a quote from a researcher, taken from The Telegraph:

“The quality of sleep improved the more clothing-free time people spent in bed. In conjunction with the brain activity changes observed, this could be related to the effect of relaxation experienced by the subjects when undressing, which in turn could promote sleep quality.”

Add to that the fact that a 2010 study found that people who slept naked were actually 15% more productive the next day than those who slept wearing clothes.

5: Burns calories

A 2000 British Journal of dermatology study found that sleeping in a cool room with the lights off can help burn as many calories as an hour of moderate exercise. The theory goes that if the body temperature drops, the body detects that it’s in a state of rest, so it slows metabolism in order to conserve energy, which means burning extra calories during sleep.

The study participants kept close tabs on how many calories they burned. One man burned almost 200 calories a night and said he slept more soundly when he did it.

6: Reduces stress

Previous research has established a correlation between elevated cortisol levels and reduced sleep quality. Countless studies have linked sleep deprivation to high levels of stress, anxiety, physiological dysfunction, and other adverse outcomes.

Sleeping in the nude helps with regulating your body temperature throughout the night. Raising your body temperature in the morning on your own also helps with reducing stress.

7: Improves male fertility

An elevated temperature is what causes manboobs, which is a common cause of male infertility. The belief is that a warmer testicle is able to produce a more viable sperm.

Indeed, sleeping comparatively naked in a warm room allows the testicles to remain cooler than they are when encased in clothing. Furthermore, it was discovered in the late nineteenth century that heat had an effect on a man’s body; it makes the scrotum contract. That’s why everyone knows never to wear tight underwear when playing sports. It decreases playing ability.

Sleeping in the nude reduces the chances of developing an enlarged scrotum. Because temperature affects semen production, it’s important that a man doesn’t overheat his testicles with clothes. Keeping them comfortable also helps to improve the production of sperm.

8: Better sex life

The connection between the two is not necessarily biological. In the book "Sleep to Survive," author Richard Wiseman puts forward the benefits of sleeping in the buff. He found that many people reported increased sexual satisfaction when sleeping in the nude.

How might taking off your pajamas help with your sex life? There could be a relationship with body image, since pajamas can affect body image and make us feel about our bodies negatively. In one study, one group of women were told their navels were attractive while the other group was told their navels were unattractive.

Several days later, the groups were tested on their body image. The "unattractive" navel group were more likely to say they needed to work harder at the gym to improve their bodies than the women who were told their navels were attractive.

Emotionally, taking off your pajamas can also provide a sense of connectedness to your partner, since removing the barrier of clothes can lead to more touching and caressing.

The reason could be because your body isn't covered up with your pajamas. You might be a little more relaxed and receptive to your partner, which can increase sex drive.

9: Boosts self-esteem

The first reason that researchers found for sleeping in the nude was that it boosts your self-esteem. When controlled for factors like income and class, going to sleep naked was found to be most prevalent among the most well-off.

What does that tell you? Well, it may be easy to imagine that people who are more comfortable financially are also more comfortable in various stage of undress.

However, that isn’t exactly the case. In a 2009 study about body image, it was found that even in societies where being naked is less taboo, people are most comfortable exposing their body when they are at home or with their partner.

The researchers concluded that knowing that you look good in the nude helps boost your self-esteem and self-image.

10: Builds confidence

We all have insecurities and are self-conscious. The comfort and confidence that comes with being able to be naked in front of yourself, someone else, or a person you are dating, is a great thing. Being comfortable with your body and your own confidence is a sexy quality in any person, and can really amp up the intimacy in the bedroom.

11: Improves your relationship

A study conducted by Dr. Michele Lastella at the University of Warwick found that sex in a comfortable environment helps improve the relationship and even releases hormones like oxytocin. The hormone is responsible for feelings of love, trust, and even boosts a sense of security.

Since the hormones released during sex help improve the relationship, sleeping in the nude can have an impact as well. Not only will you be able to continue experiencing these benefits, but you will also feel more comfortable in bed.

The room will be warmer, as there will be less clothing on each person. When this happens, both partners are more likely to have a better time and more control, resulting in better orgasms and heightened pleasure.

12: Reduces the chance of infection

While it may be tempting to cover up any wounds with bandages to avoid unpleasantness, this could actually be doing more harm than good. A study by researchers at McGill University in Canada found that chemicals called pheromones can help to ward off dangerous bacteria. These pheromones are detected by skin cells and essentially warn the immune system that a wound needs protecting against infection.

Co-author of the study Dr Malcolm Birkett, told MailOnline: 'An old wives’ tale would be that if you bandage up a wound that you don’t like looking at, you’re not going to want to wash it and therefore it’s going to get infected. But it turns out that the opposite is true.

'In a study on mice, we found that when wounded skin is exposed to air, the skin can heal faster and more completely. The body is better able to fight off harmful bacteria. This suggests that keeping wounds moist and exposed to air (rather than covered with bandages) may actually help speed up the healing process.'

Now, you may want to keep things covered if you’re sporting a wound with stitches, but this method of keeping your wounds open is definitely worth thinking about if you’ve been injured.