Top 10 Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold: The Hot List

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When it comes to the perfect gifts for people who are always cold, few people think of clothing as the answer. Yet there are so many hot clothing ideas to keep our loved ones warm and toasty. In this case, we’re talking about clothing that can keep a person warm, AND can also have a sense of humour. Some of the ten gifts included here are novelty items are for this very reason.

To begin, the clothing that made our hot gifts covers a wide variety of styles and types. There is a great scarf, a neck gaiter, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt, a fleece vest, a knit hat, and fleece gloves. What this means is that there is something for everyone in this list, no matter what their style is or what type of clothes they normally wear.

Another theme to be found with all of the items included in this list is that the design on each item is original. Some of the designs are vintage or retro. Others may be cartoon characters. Still others have a humorous element or a witty saying.

While only three items from this list have a specific temperature rating as part of their original design, it should be noted that each of them can be layered with warmer clothing if it is cold outside. Thus, it makes them appropriate for wearing both in winter and cooler weather.

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And if the recipient of your gift-giving is having a hard time of working up a sweat, we’re here to help. All of these products claim to increase your general body temperature, without engaging in physical activity or soaking in ice water. The science behind this temperature fluctuation is difficult to quantify, as heat production from these products is fueled by nothing more than the energy you yourself put towards their manipulation. Nevertheless, we’ve found some of the products in this list to be more beneficial in raising body temperature than others.

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Fine Cooking Comfort Food: 200 Delicious RecipesBest OverallFine Cooking Comfort Food: 200 Delicious Recipes