7 Best Journals for Anxiety Relief (and to Ease Stress)

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Another useful way to deal with anxiety is to indulge in your journal writing.

I’ve been struggling with one form of anxiety or another for most of my life. It’s wonderful to finally have it under control and it’s something I’m very proud of because I’m so aware of how debilitating it can be. I recall a time many years ago when I didn’t even recognise that it had any negative effects on me. Back then, I was in such a state of denial about it that I didn’t want to acknowledge its existence.

Much like depression, anxiety is a deeply personal issue and the best way to deal with it is to first understand what it is and what it’s doing to you. Once you do this, begin the journey to develop more self esteem and self confidence.

Of course, one of the ways you can do this is by writing stuff down and getting it out of your head so that you can move on beyond it. It’s not an easy task and it definitely requires work and discipline, but it can be done and the results are pretty amazing.

Knock Knock I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth JournalBest OverallKnock Knock I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth Journal
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Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find PeaceUpgrade PickTiny Buddha's Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find Peace

1. Knock Knock I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth Journal

Our rating: 9 / 10

Knock Knock I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth Journal

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  • Let emotions flow by writing them down
  • Helps you better understand yourself
  • Contains inspirational quotes that may help motivate you
  • Provides you with a comfortable place to record your feelings


  • Heavy paper
  • Is a bit pricey
  • If you're looking for a more basic option, you can also consider the Knock Knock Simply Calm Inner-Truth Journal or the Confessions of a Poet Inner-Truth Journal.

A journal is a must-have for any person who suffers from anxiety. Keeping a journal can be a cathartic, therapeutic experience for any sufferer. Not only do they make it easier to let emotions flow, but they also help you see patterns in your thoughts and behaviors to help you discover your triggers. They also give you a place to record and vent your feelings. Here’s our review of the best journals for anxiety.

2. 52 Lists

Our rating: 7 / 10

52 Lists

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  • Journal allows you to organize your thoughts
  • Useful not just for anxiety
  • Good if you’re having a bad mid-life crisis


  • May have a short shelf life
  • Not suitable if you’re a highly creative person

The 52 Lists for Calm journal can help you organize your thoughts and relieve anxiety. Just writing down your thoughts is a great way to reduce stress and boost your mood.

There are Goal and Memory prompts, to help you organize big pieces of your life and track progress.

This is a great way of being able to see everything at a glance, so you know where you’re going.

3. The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

Our rating: 7 / 10

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

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  • Offer Tips for Coping with Depression and Panic Attacks
  • Questions that Help You Diagnose Your Mental Disorder
  • Offer Tips for Laying Out Long-Term Goals for Yourself

If you’re looking to relieve your anxiety, or you’re an therapist looking to treat your patients, this book can be extremely helpful.

Written by a clinical psychologist who goes by the name of David Clark, and includes contributions from other mental health experts, this book is a comprehensive work on anxiety disorders with everything from how to approach anxiety sufferers to therapy for every type of anxiety disorder.

It teaches you how you can prevent anxiety disorders from developing, how to treat anxiety disorders that have already developed up to the point where you can replace your unhealthy lifestyle with a healthy one, and how to organize your life so that you can deal with your anxiety short-term and long-term.

4. Anxiety Journal

Our rating: 6 / 10

Anxiety Journal

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  • Contains a large application
  • There are a lot of crucial points and useful tips in the book
  • The information in this book is detailed, but it is also easy to understand


  • The format of the book is sometimes difficult to follow
  • The real value of the book lies mainly before the 8 weeks
  • It is not a pop-up-and-read type book

An 8-Week Workbook to Change Your Life

This book helps you understand your anxiety and how it works in your body. It also teaches you useful tools to manage your anxiety. The book is an 8-week workbook that you need to work through before you achieve the best results.

There are 3 major areas that are covered in this book. You will learn about fear and anxiety, how they affect your thoughts and behaviors and how to view them as your coach instead of a controlling factor in your life. You will also learn to become more accepting of yourself- your past actions and what you have done up until now. You will also learn how to find out your purpose and how to achieve it.

5. Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find Peace

Our rating: 6 / 10

Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find Peace

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  • The book encourages readers to take steps towards calmness on each page
  • Includes lots of creative ideas for visualizing and exercises
  • The different prompts offer an array of ideas for keeping busy during times of anxiety
  • Readers follow their experiences with a blank diary page on each page
  • The text is easy to read and the prompts are easy to follow


  • Some readers said the instructions seemed too far-fetched
  • Others wanted more at-home activities and fewer items to buy

This book is packed with exercises that will help you find peace in the chaos of your life. Readers will find plenty of prompts to write or draw their answers, lots of Bible verses for strength, and other features that will help them seek and find a sense of calm.

The Tiny Buddha Worry Journal can bring you peace by taking a creative approach to your worries, fears, and anxieties. It encourages you to draw, write, or create what's bothering you and to visualize possible solutions. You will also find Bible verses to meditate on during times of worry in an effort to banish negative thinking.

6. Put Your Worries Here: A Creative Journal

Our rating: 6 / 10

Put Your Worries Here: A Creative Journal

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  • Encourages readers to express their feelings and provide space for them to do so.
  • Can help quiet that inner voice that just won’t stop criticizing or that keeps telling you that everything is your fault.
  • Free-flowing and insightful writing prompts helps teens find honest comfort and relief from the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Authors Kathleen Shannon and Kristina Briski provide soothing, intuitive, and sometimes daring advice to help readers to accept anxiety as a part of themselves, a facet of their personality that adds depth to their character.
  • Brief, user-friendly text combined with art and illustrations to appeal to reluctant readers.
  • An essential guide to help teens cope with their anxiety in an excellent self help book.
  • Helps teens to deal with anxiety and learn to understand it better.
  • A step-by-step guide to help teens to better get to know themselves and to understand anxiety.
  • An ideal self-help book for teens because it’s concise and easy to use!
  • This book is age appropriate and is a healthy and wise self help book for teens.

7. Write It Down

Our rating: 6 / 10

Write It Down

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  • Helps one to focus on the now and stop worrying
  • Eases the mind of daily stress so you can sleep easier
  • Give yourself a dose of reality and start a new chapter
  • Provides a perspective that can be used to make everything in life enjoyable


  • Encourages people to vent out their feelings instead of keeping them in
  • Won’t be found interesting by those looking for a self-help book

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I take to relieve anxiety immediately?

Melatonin: A study has even indicated that melatonin supplementation may help reduce impulsive alcohol use in those with anxiety disorders;

Hydroxyzine (Atarax): A study has also shown that hydroxyzine may suppress feelings of nervousness and fear, and is effective in treating individuals with panic disorder options;

Tricyclic antidepressants – Amitriptyline, nortriptyline and desipramine are often prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders;.

Buspirone: is another drug that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders and is better accepted than SSRIs because it does not impact sexual function;

Benzodiazepines: improves rapid-eye movement sleep and also decreases anxiety levels, and beta blockers reduce blood pressure, decrease heart rate and do not produce side effects that cause sedation per se.

Can journaling help with anxiety?

Journaling improves emotional self-awareness and facilitates personal growth through the expressive writing process. For many people who are new to journaling, the biggest challenge is finding the motivation to sit down and start. That’s because the writing process can sometimes feel clumsy and unfamiliar.

Below, you will find 7 useful journaling exercises that have been used by writers and therapists alike to create meaningful change in their own lives. If you want to try journaling to help anxiety and stress relief, you can start by following a few simple steps.

What drinks help calm anxiety?

There are a few drinks that have been shown to reduce anxiety levels and low mood. The most popular anxiety remedy drink is chamomile tea. This ancient herbal remedy has been used for centuries to help ease anxiety and promote better sleep, both of which can have a tremendous impact on an anxiety sufferer’s quality of life. People with anxiety tend to be night owls, so combatting sleep issues is very important.

Regular moderate consumption of chamomile tea is often recommended to people with anxiety symptoms. To prevent it from being too bitter, you can also add honey or another natural sweetener to it.

How do you stop severe anxiety?

We all experience anxiety from time to time, but when it gets really bad, you’re desperate for relief. The most important thing you can do (besides seeking therapy and taking medications) is to start keeping a journal. You can do it on paper or digitally on your phone. You can check out these apps too—they have helped me immensely.

To understand and combat the problem, you have to “see” the problem, and what better way to do that than a journal. You CAN and WILL find relief.


To make life enjoyable, we need to free ourselves from the stress and worry that comes along with everyday life. We think that the best way to do this is to keep a journal dedicated to your health and happiness. This guide helps you understand what makes a journal the best journal for anxiety relief and see some of our recommended options.

This guide encourages you to use a journal of your own to track your progress over time so that you may understand your patterns and discover new, better ways of coping with life’s challenges. We think it’s a positive step towards living a full, happy, healthy life.

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Knock Knock I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth JournalBest OverallKnock Knock I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth Journal
52 ListsBudget Pick52 Lists
Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find PeaceUpgrade PickTiny Buddha's Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find Peace