The Best Ab Belt: Including The Flex Belt Vs Slendertone [Warning]

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Belts that use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) have become very popular in the last few years, especially for people trying to lose abdominal fat and tap into their ab muscles, but there are some risks that you may not be aware of. If you have experienced side effects from using EMS-based fat burners, check out our guide which reveals what they are and teaches how to avoid them.

These Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS) burn fat by sending pulsing electrical signals to your muscles. Side effects can include headache, feeling light-headed, nausea, reduced blood flow to the limbs and muscle twitching/weakness.

If you’re considering purchasing a Flex Belt or Slendertone, let us walk you through this guide and make you aware of the dangers before you commit your money.

Slendertone Replacement Gel PadsBest OverallSlendertone Replacement Gel Pads
Slendertone Replacement Gel PadsBudget PickSlendertone Replacement Gel Pads

1. Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads

Our rating: 9 / 10

Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads

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  • Cushioning helps relieve sore skin
  • Convenient storage box
  • High quality material

The Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads for All Slendertone Abdominal Belts, 1 Set (3 Gel Pads) are specially designed at a larger size with a layer of cushioning to provide you with extra comfort.

You can use the Slendertone Gel Pads with all Slendertone Abdominal Belts. Each set contains 3 gel pads. Each gel pad measures 2.2 inches by 3.5 inches, so it’s easy for you to place on your ab belt.

The gel pads can be used for both your upper and lower abdominal muscles. These durable and reusable pads can be used for up to 1,000 times. Compared to other ab belts, the Slendertone Abdominal Belts are among the best as they give you that extra comfort to provide you with an effective ab workout.

2. ASANO Abs Stimulator

Our rating: 7 / 10

ASANO Abs Stimulator

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  • Can increase serotonin levels
  • Can train abs for longer amounts of time
  • Can tone up in areas other than your abs
  • Very lightweight, almost unnoticeable


  • Uses batteries
  • Machines can be loud
  • Machines can be awkward to carry
  • Wires can be a major hassle

There are many ab belts out there on the market. Some are better than others.

The Asano Ab Belt is definitely one of the better ones. If you are looking to train your abs, the Asano Ab Belt can help. That is as long as you use the belt in either the “Force” or “Release” mode, which is a bit confusing, since it is not in the instructions. The “Force” mode is best to use when you are trying to build muscle tone. The “Release” mode is best to use when you are trying to lose weight or you need to use the ab belt to hasten your recovery after a workout.

3. Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads

Our rating: 6 / 10

Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads

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  • More effective than bestselling abdominal toning belts
  • Affordable

The Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads for All Abdominal Belts & Abdominal Toner Pad are a decent product. However, they may not give you the results you are hoping to achieve.

In fact, as a toning belt, it may not be effective at all, unless you wear it under clothes all day, which defeats the purpose of an undergarment.

The Slendertone may have a longer battery life, but it definitely needs more than three-plus hours of charging before you can use it. If you use it on a regular basis, the charging time can add up over the course of a week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Ab Flex Belt Really Work?

According to studies, wearing the abdominal trainer Flex belt for thirty minutes to an hour a day, three to four times a week, can increase muscle activity up to 140%. The electromagnetic muscle stimulation the Flex belt uses is also thought to increase more fat burning.

The Flex belt is a great product, and I’ve found myself using it a lot when I’m on the road. The key is to wear it when you know you’ll be standing for hours on end, like if you’re on a plane, in a car, or at a wedding social event where there is a lot of sitting. You won’t have to think about it as you’re busy with your other work.

Is slendertone and flex belt the same?

Can I buy flex belt in Australia?

These days, slendertone and flex belt are becoming two iconic names in body toning devices. They are extremely popular, especially on Amazon.

If you’re looking to buy either one of them, know that they come from the same company – the same physique company.

Just like Groupon, Any Solution Pty Ltd. makes both the “slendertone” and “flex belt” devices. They came up with a couple of new names to target each market – flex belt is for South Korean market while slendertone is sold around the world.

Both have the same high quality, are very popular, and work.

Both have the same mechanisms of action and results.

Can ab belts help lose fat?

While the ab belts mentioned are both marketers of fitness products, that doesn’t mean their ab belts cannot help you lose fat.

The procedure for using an ab belt is very simple. For example, the Flex Belt has three terminals on the back. These terminals are to be attached on to three electrodes on the belt. When you press the button that is on the outer surface of the belt, the electrical muscle stimulation device is activated.

The muscles will twitch and contract as the stimulation is felt while contracting those abdominal muscles. Not only will the electrodes contract the muscles, but it also enhances the workout. The machine is not only going to tone your abs, but it is also going to increase the fat burning process by increasing thermal activity. The belt runs off batteries. The Flex Belt uses a 9-volt battery.

What is the best stomach toning belt?

If you’re like me, you spend far too many hours and way too much money on gadgets and machines to try to get into shape.

Seriously, what is up with all the machines and belts and bands that claim to melt fat off your stomach? As well as the thousands of products you can buy online, there are plenty of great pieces of workout and body toning equipment out there.

I’ve tried most of them and I’m here to save you time and money by giving you just one gadget that will work best for your abs workouts:The Slendertone Abs workout belt.


Buying the right ab belt for you is easily one of the most important purchases in your life!

Find out what we think is the best Ab Belt that money can buy! The ab belts reviewed below are: The Flex Belt, Ab Roller, Slendertone, Ab Carver, Ab Circle Pro and Tummy Trainers. It's also possible to use part of the money you save for a better quality TV or a Home Cinema System using the techniques in the Build better TV Budget! video.

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Slendertone Replacement Gel PadsBest OverallSlendertone Replacement Gel Pads
Slendertone Replacement Gel PadsBudget PickSlendertone Replacement Gel Pads